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Is it necesarry to join V Survey?
If you want to participate in surveys of V Survey to earn Extra money then it is necesarry.
Can I register more than once with V Survey?
No, We do not allow people to create more than one account with us. If found, all accounts will be cancelled.
Is there any Fee for joining?
V Survey does not charge a fee to join. Membership is free, and V Survey will never charge you fees for participating in online surveys.
Is there an age limitation?
Age should be 14 year or older to take a membership of V Survey.
Why should I provide personal & professional details?
It help us to understand your interest and eligibility for the survey we have.
How do I get survey invitations?
After joining the V Survey Panel, you will be eligible for surveys. you will receive surveys in your provided Email account matching to your profile and on the MobileApp if installed in your mobile.
How much a survey worth for me?
The value of a survey depends upon the survey length. Each invitation will tell you how many Points you will earn for completing the online survey. More urgent/Complex hard to reach surveys will offer higher incentives. Usually one survey will in a range of Rs. 15 to Rs. 150.
Why am I often screened out?
Market researchers are often looking for the opinions of a very specific group of people - for example, users of a particular brand of soap. If you don't meet the qualifications for a survey you might be "screened out" or get a message that says you're "not qualified" to complete the survey. Don't take it personally! Screen-outs are a normal part of the market research process. The more we get to know you, the better we'll be able to send you surveys that you DO qualify for.
What is the mode of payment ?
After your redempion we will ask you the UPI address, then we transfer the redemmed amount in your UPI without any deduction. If UPI is not there you have to share your bank account and then the process will be same, few charges of Bank transfer may occuer which will be deducted from your amount.
What amount do I need to redeem for cash?
The minimum number of amount needed to redeem is INR 350.00. But V Survey reserve the right to change the minimum number of amount.
I completed a survey, when I’ll get credit of that?
Please keep in mind that entire studies can take up to a month to finish, depending on the size and complexity of the study. Your V Survey account will generally be credited within 60 days of successfully completing a survey.