Online surveys are today’s way of collecting consumer’s opinions . There was a time when you’d be asked by a company representative in the street if you had time to answer some questions, more often than not you’d be too busy to stop, so with our new digital age it was inevitable that a new way had to be found by business’s to find out what people really thought about new products and services they wanted to launch. Because there are just so many companies out there that want your opinion in online surveys, panels such as V Survey have been created so that opinions can be gathered and members can be looked after and rewarded for time and energy spent participating in online surveys at a convenient time for them.

At V Survey we are a team of Experienced Market Research Professionals from Industry. We at V Survey have an aim to satisfy our Clients and Respondents both. Founded in 2007 V Survey focused to get business done at satisfaction level of Client.

Recently we launched our panels in Australia and Sweden, Australia Panel is availabe on and Sweden panel available on